Making a case for Sex Offenders List II ; Unilorin Lecturer sex scandal.

Still on this matter, Making a case for Sex Offenders List, I must admit I am A bit tired of this Sexual Offences thing but just when I want to give up, something like this happens again. I don’t know which is more shocking, the occurrence itself or Nigerians’ reaction? I have read so many comments online and this has left me in a perpetual state of pity for Nigeria. We are in the habit of always blaming the victim and pitying the perpetrator. I remember a particular event in a secondary school in Lagos, I was privileged to be among the people seated on the High table but what happened almost disrupted the event, a play was staged by the host students about sexual harassment in schools and another member of the high table, a lady (a Lecturer) started venting and said she disagreed totally with the play and that sexual harassment does not exist in her school, University of Lagos, and trust me (thinking, teacher don’t teach me nonsense ).   , I quickly took it personal and we started arguing and totally forgot we were at a public event and on the high table for that matter.The poor Reverend Father that was present was visibly discomfitured, you see it was a catholic school. According to her, as long as a  female student has a good rapport with her teachers(whatever that means) she should not have any problem with her teachers, I on the other hand, maintained that as long as a student is hardworking and diligent, she does not need any rapport, we all know what unnecessary rapport can lead to. Putting it mildly, I was amazed at the lady lecturer’s stance, I mean if our children in institutions of higher learning cannot find succour in our female lecturers, where else will they find it? Since that time, there have been at least five reported cases of sexual harassment emanating from this woman’s University of Lagos, it is as if God wants to prove me right

I taya o :/  as my people will say but is there no way out of this mess?  Thank God for social media, we will continue to name them and  shame them and continue to do our bit to make people take a second look at sexual harassment and all forms of sexual offences and accept that they indeed exist, I am of the firm believe that if an act is condemned by majority in a society, it will be reduced if not completely eradicated.

Please listen to the tape to the end and let’s have your opinion, news being circulated is that the Lecturer has since resigned.

I taya o means I am sick and tired, I am fed up.