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About me

I have other names but let’s call me Naijamum. I used to be very finicky, like I could spend three hours on ironing a shirt, I used to cross the border to have my hair braided in search of the best hairdressers. I loved reading, watching stage plays, visiting museums and historical places of interest, going to the beach, trying out new cuisine. Loved my life, thought it could n’t possibly be better than I started having children.I am a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a blogger and most importantly a mum.

About Whatkindofchildisthis

We know that children can be very infuriating most of the time, so if you are really mad at your children, which is very often, (if mine should be used as a yardstick), instead of loosing it and using words such as stupid, daft, idiot and asking questions such as are you cra*y? etc, it is better to just ask the question; What kind of child is this?. God knows and you know that he is a good child, it is just that he is driving you up the wall at that moment. This question was one that I grew up with and it was so effective that any child asked that question then, knew that he had indeed overstepped the boundary set for them. It would usually lead to a thorough self-examination and a sense of remorse in the child. Growing up, I heard this question so much that it stuck and I could not resist using it as the title of this blog. However as to the question whether it can still be effective in modern times, your guess is as mine.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Very unlike the old way of child-rearing from our part of the world; very effective, I’m sure. Your kids must be your best friends!


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