Constituted Authority.



Naijamum: Isiaka!

Isiaka: Nam!

Naijamum: How many times have I called you?

Isiaka: Only one time ma.

Naijamum: Okay, lets start again, Isiaka, Isiaka, Isiakaaaa!

Isiaka: Naaaammm.

Naijamum: Now how many times have I called you?

Isiaka: Three times ma.

Who gave you the permission to do a change of name? Ehn? Who gave you the permission? What kind of children are these gan sef? You sha want to always put me in trouble with Baba God. You now call yourself Constituted Authority. And the assignment that you were given gangan you have deliberately refused to do it.

Isiaka: What assignment ma?

Naijamum: Did n’t you yourself say you have not paid this, you have not paid that? And you acknowledged that your siblings, other Naija children have been locked out of their school for over 8 months? You also observed that the condition of some of them was appalling to the extent that you found it hard to believe that they were indeed students?

Isiaka: Yes maaami.

Naijamum: And on top of that you now say they should prostrate and say “please Oga, they have shut down our school, please come and help us open it”? The thunder that will fire you ehn? Anyway, it is just that a mother should not swear for her children otherwise.. I know what to say. Did n’t you say one of your reasons was lack of funds? Well my own two pence, if you do not have funds to perform in a given role instead of putting me  your mother and even yourself to shame, why don’t you kala resign? I have been appealing to Baba God to please help us to find a way that public offices like the one you are occupying will be made voluntary in Nigeria, so it will be only those who are really ready to serve that will vie for such offices. We kuku know there are other means to make money but the salaries and other fringe benefits alone that we will save will cover a sizeable amount of ground.

Look at you. You have made me a trending object of ridicule since last week because of your puffed up arrogance and you have also made me to land in Baba God’s black book. I will have to go and beg Baba God now. It is because of attitude such as this that makes Baba God lambaste me and question my parenting skills. Mshew!

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