Son disembowels father.

Yes I know, before you point it out to me, I know I sound like a broken record but this burden I carry about parenting rightly will not let me be. Parenting, it is so easy to get it wrong, the effect of a few minutes lack of attention could be disastrous. Even to myself, I sound like a harbinger of doom, of bad news but some of us just have to be the ones to do this self-appointed job, are n’t we?

Baba Junior and Mama Junior are (or should I say were? Because the mother also is in coma in the hospital as a result of the stab injuries sustained in the hands of Junior)our family friends, we had children together, our children are growing up together, we live in the same neighbourhood. I have refrained from writing this post earlier because it’s a bit closer to home but the mother hen in me keeps nudging me to do so because who knows? it might save some other people’s lives in the future.

It is not a common occurrence for a son to disembowel the father so if such a thing happens, we should all pay attention and see if we can learn a lesson or two from the occurrence. I will not be boring you with advice, instead I will just present the facts as they are and leave you to draw your own  conclusions. And I am also going to post some images, who knows, they just may wake up some parents from their slumber.


Our friend, may his soul find rest.



The son, Junior, he is on the run.


This last image is not for the faint hearted but you just might realize the seriousness of the situation by viewing it.

The disembowelled body of our friend laying  in a pool of his own blood