Inside The Mind Of R. Kelly: ‘Sexual Abuse Is A Generational Curse’

In one of the most revealing interviews ever in GQ, R&B superstar R. Kelly delivers a detailed, and sometimes disturbing, account of his journey to stardom, his setbacks and where he’s headed i…

Source: Inside The Mind Of R. Kelly: ‘Sexual Abuse Is A Generational Curse’


Your DIY child.

If you help your child with homework, chores,etc, chances are that they will have difficulty in being independent and since you won’t be around forever it’s not such a good idea is it? Lets hit the ground running this year, what stage are you in, right now in your household in terms of teaching your child independence? This image



triggered off some thoughts and also some memories.

Things we are guilty of as a parent

  1. Dressing up your child, not a baby or a toddler o !
  2. Feeding your child, you know with a spoon or whatever, not a baby or toddler o ! Don’t go telling people that it’s Naijamum that said my baby should be baffing for herself o.

  3. Doing all the house chores and not assigning them any
  4. Taking over their homework personally or by proxy through the help of tutors, lesson teachers and also hiring mercenaries to write exams for them.

  5. Surrounding them with all sorts of domestic helps, that fall over themselves to do their bidding because of the fear of Oga nbo, Oga nbo.
  6. Becoming their freedom fighter, following them to school to face their teachers, their mates and even tackling your own spouse, their other parent on their behalf.
  7. Driving them in cars all over the place so that they dont have to  suffer walk, to the extent that they can’t find their way from their room to your door step.
  8. Insisting on them getting any thing they fancy whether or not they deserve /merit or even need it.
  9. Add your own, all the ones you are guilty of that are not already included on this list.

This image

of appropriate household chores should be illustrative enough if you are still insisting you don’t understand or don’t know how to match chores with age.

And to the rest  of us that we know already and the only thing we lack is the will power to implement, it lets us pray…..

Me: Oya say Father, the grace, the will power to turn my child into a DIY child like

Naijamum give unto  me.

You(reader of this post): Father…………

Continue in your own words, pray exactly as you want your child’s life to turn out……ask Baba God, He answers prayers backed up with action of course 😉

Wishing you happy, rewarding and fulfilling parenting.

DIY means ‘do it yourself’

Baffing means to have a bath

Mercenaries are professional exam writers hired for a fee

Oga nbo literally means ‘Master is coming’

Oya means common, or be fast.




Parenting the Nigerian girl child….Have you seen my gloves?


Does the title baffle you? Please don’t be baffled, I will explain in a minute. When Christine Lagarde came to Nigeria,  Buhari shook hands with her

buhari and lagarde

Buhari shaking hands with Lagarde, are our female ministers inferior?

. I watched Saraki on TV kissing her on both cheeks like an old friend that he has not seen in a long while and he also shook hands with her.

saraki and lagarde

Saraki and Lagarde

In fact there was a line uplagarde naija of dignitaries waiting in the scorching sun to shake hands with her, most of them men.Saraki even went on to share a seat with her but come o, would he be happy for a man to share a seat with his wife like so..saraki-and-lagarde- sittingHowever when it comes to Nigerian women our men will either ignore our outstretched hands or put on gloves to shake hands. In fact it seems the new Minsiter of Communications, Adebayo Shittu has been specifically appointed by Buhari  as the ‘gloved hand shaker’ of the present government with the primary duty of  shaking hands with women on behalf of the government, Nigerian women o, not foreigners because Buhari himself shakes hands with foreigners by himself, afterall he shook Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s hands and also Lagarde’s hands.( I wonder why  he did not take Shittu with him on the trip so that he would shake the Queen’s hand on his behalf). But he refused to shake his female ministers’ hands(members of his cabinet) although I cannot remember if Adebayo did that on his behalf or not.buhari and the queen


In protest henceforth I refuse to shake any Nigerian man especially those in power without wearing gloves, so I have resolved to wear gloves 24 hours, that ‘s why I am searching for my gloves. What makes me single out Nigerian men in power is that after they get into power most of them transform their wives like Saraki has done , look at the before and after pictures of Saraki’s wife


Saraki’s wife, before her husband became Senate President.


Saraki’s wife, after or during.

How does this transformation improve governance?

Please have you seen my gloves?

This post is an attempt to  scratch the surface of gender discrimination in Nigeria, parenting the Nigerian girl child.

A person very close to me was wondering the other day why there are not as  many female inventors as there are male.  Answers any one?

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