Ways African parents say ‘I love you.’


‘I love you’ oyinbo style.

Oyinbo people especially at this modern times punctuate every of their sentence with ‘I love you’ it has now become a way of life for them that their children need this reassurance all the time to the extent that if they do not say it, their love and care for their children will be become doubtful and very questionable and this can lead to very disastrous consequences.

I look at us in Africa, Nigeria to be precise and ‘pity us’,  kissing, hugging and other physical show of affection is not in our culture,

Hugging, physical show of affection, very rare in traditional African homes. source

even Indians that do not kiss rub their noses together but in Africa, what do we do to express our affection and love for our loved ones? This seemingly lack of show of affection has been extended to relationship between parents and  children.

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