“Have you ever made a New Year Resolution that you kept?”

There is something that usually follows the new year, resolutions, new year resolutions they are called. The tag ‘new year’ is supposed to set them apart, is n’t it? Resolutions, goals, plans, they have different names but mean the same thing, that is, what have you not been doing that you now decide to be doing in the new year, or what have you been doing that you still want to be doing but doing differently? Or what have you been doing in the past that you decide to stop doing. I am not a ‘new year resolution person’ I have discovered that over time. I am that kind of person that has long term goals in my mind but don’t really have clear cut short term goals to get there and so far in spite of  that, things seem to fall into expected places for me. Was it not Tai Solarin of blessed memory that said, don’t look before you leap, because if you look too much you might end up not leaping, so in most cases, I go on and leap and later sort out whatever the consequences are.

However towards the tail end of last year, I took stock and I reawakened my self to the fact that the only main ambition that I have always nursed and not yet done anything about is to start a school. I have always wanted to start a school, if there is anybody that I envy, it is those in the education provision sector. It is one thing I would regret if I end up not doing, and as the clock ticks and I get older, I become afraid and think what if I get too old to start and I can’t start any more? It has become a fearsome fear that I have to overcome.

Since the first step to solving a problem is realizing you have a problem, I have identified this problem, it is the only want that I have that has refused to go. So it has to be satiated, but what has been keeping it from being satiated, a few reasons I identified are: 1. Fear of failure? No, definitely not, along the line I have delved into some other projects and businesses and they have been successful, so what  can it be? 1. Indecision on whether to start small with maybe a daycare centre/ crèche or a full blown primary school ? 2. Location, 3. Other businesses/ distractions that have made me loose focus along the line. 4. Family considerations. 5. Capital.  And 6. Perhaps lack of support from expected family quarters.This Daily Post Writing Prompts by wordpress is a good thing, it has made me realize how fearsome the fear has become.

I have therefore decided that I will go on and leap although this time with a little looking, I will start by drawing up a long term plan and this time made up of short term goals to aid it, wake up that giant sleeping inside of me and get to work. I will keep you posted about how far I have gone by the end of the year. And oh, I almost forgot, I will also learn how to bake.

What are your own plans for the new year?

5 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Well, I started a business towards the end of Last year, I know that God wants to make it into something really great, as this year is my year of Greatness. My decision is to give the entire financial turn up of the business to God, even after I have given my tithe. It’s my first business, so I really wanna make sure I do that. It was an instruction I do wanna keep to. By God’s special grace that is available to me. There are a lot more ooh, including learning how to bake, like you. Plus, consistency in everything I do this year is what I wanna testify about at the end of the year.
    God’s help and guidance is available to us all in this year as regards our plans and goals in Jesus Name. Amen


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